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The Cubs will be navigating negotiations with several key players this week while hoping to avoid arbitration. Meanwhile, David Ross isn’t handsome enough?! Plus, the CHGO team debates betting on Matt Mervis for National League Rookie of the Year. Join Luke Stuckmeyer, Ryan Herrera and Cody Delmendo as they discuss on the CHGO Cubs Live Show. YouTube Replay Show https://youtu.be/6EABjAqBZxQ…

The 2022 season will go down as a forgettable season in Chicago Cubs history. A 3rd place finish in the NL Central and 74 wins. The CHGO Cubs crew picks out the 10 moments to remember from the calendar year. Cheers to 2023 and maybe a few New Year’s resolutions too! YouTube Replay Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhZ_dRODHj8&t=5s Subscribe to the Show Follow…

Happ-y Holidays from the CHGO Cubs crew! We’re joined by Chicago Cubs outfielder Ian Happ to discuss his offseason and how he’s planning to connect with Dansby Swanson and the rest of his new teammates. Join Luke Stuckmeyer, Cody Delmendo and Jared Wyllys on today’s CHGO Cubs Podcast. YouTube Replay Show https://youtu.be/do3kgjK5z1Y Subscribe to the Show Follow The Hosts

Nearly two weeks into free agency, the Cubs still haven’t signed anyone. They protected some prospects from next month’s Rule 5 Draft, claimed a pair of infielders off waivers and made decisions on whether or not to tender contracts to their own players, but they haven’t yet made a play on the free-agent market. With so little movement in free…

As Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts spoke with a group of a half-dozen reporters at Wrigley Field in early September, he used the word "success" as he reflected upon the season with roughly a month left to play.

In the context of the team's final record, no, it wasn't a success. But when you look at what this season was always supposed to be about, there are plenty of individual "success" stories that provided hope for the Cubs' future.

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