Matt Eberflus


The Chicago Bears hired a defensive coach in Matt Eberflus. We all know the Bears are light on talent, but should they be this bad defensively? Can the Flus help the defense rise up starting this week against the Detroit Lions? Adam Hoge and Mark Carman discuss the D and more on today’s CHGO Bears Podcast. Watch the replay on…

That was quite the bounce back for the Bears, who delivered their most impressive win since at least 2018. Let’s jump into this week’s Bears Things: The Lead: Eberflus bests Belichick Considering Bill Belichick has been caught in his fair share of icy postgame handshakes with opposing coaches, it seemed notable that he spent time in an extended embrace with…...

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What a win! Faced with the possibility of their season hitting the skids, Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears instead looked strong with a confident 33-14 road win over the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football! Here are our instant reactions to the big Monday night win in New England … Watch our live postgame show now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DS8sGJRrLG0&t=12s Adam…