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A fun and insightful conversation focused on the Chicago Bears. Featuring Adam Hoge and Corey Wootton, along with several CHGO Diehards for the first-ever CHGO Happy Hour. Hoge and Wootton are also joined by other CHGO teammates Mark Carman, Greg Braggs, Kevin Kaduk, Lawrence Benedetto and Jake Flannigan to discuss the latest on the injury to quarterback Justin Fields prior...

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The Chicago Bears may have their quarterback of the future in Justin Fields, but the rest of the roster is shallower than a Packer fan. What does a realistic timeline look like for a return to glory? Join Kevin Kaduk, Luke Stuckmeyer, Kacy Standohar and Lawrence Benedetto as they talk about this and more on a very special Thanksgiving Wednesday edition of THE Chicago Sports Podcast. Watch the show on YouTube! Subscribe to the show!

Justin Fields may have a dislocated and/or separated shoulder or he doesn’t, depending on which NFL news breaker you believe. The Chicago Bears quarterback will either miss the rest of the season or he’s simply “day to day” and will play Sunday. Details tomorrow from the Bears. Now what? How do the Bears move forward against the Jets and through the rest of the season? Adam Hoge and Mark Carman discuss on today’s CHGO Bears Podcast. Watch the YouTube Replay Subscribe to the Show

Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields’ injury is “day-to-day” with Ian Rapoport reporting he suffered a left-shoulder dislocation. So, what would the Bears’ offense look like with Trevor Siemian at the helm? Would there be any hope of the team continuing to put up points? That’s what Will DeWitt Greg Braggs Jr., Adam Hoge and Cody Delmendo discuss on tonight’s CHGO Bears After Dark. Watch the YouTube Replay Subscribe to the Show

Justin Fields was put in a precarious position by the Chicago Bears coaching staff in yet another disappointing close loss, this time to the Atlanta Falcons. Fields needed to have his shoulder x-rayed after the game and his status for this week is uncertain. Why did Luke Getsy call for two — TWO! — straight quarterback run plays on the final drive with his star looking less than 100 percent? Corey Wootton is in studio to discuss with Mark Carman and Adam Hoge on today’s CHGO Bears Podcast. Watch the YouTube Replay Subscribe to the Show