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The CHGO White Sox staff makes its predictions for the 2022 MLB season

Vinnie Duber Avatar
April 7, 2022

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The 2022 MLB season is finally upon us, which means it’s time for predictions! Here’s how our CHGO White Sox staff thinks the season will shake out …

The Sox’s final record will be …

  • Vinnie Duber: 95-67
  • Herb Lawrence: 94-68
  • Sean Anderson: 95-67
  • Jared Wyllys: 95-67

They’ll reach (playoff prediction)…

“I predicted before the 2021 season that the White Sox would reach the World Series. That was a handful of days prior to Eloy’s injury, I believe. Great timing on my part. I think they’re in a better spot now, so I’ll make another pennant prediction.” — Vinnie

“The ALDS.” — Herb

“The ALCS.” — Jared

“In the past two years, the Sox have been outscored by 14 runs in the playoffs. This team wants to get the ‘opening-round exit’ monkey off their collective backs. However, how much energy will that take? I think the Sox fall short of falling short, bowing out in the ALCS.” — Sean

Michael Kopech will pitch __ innings.

  • Vinnie: 150
  • Herb: 125
  • Sean: 131.2
  • Jared: 130

Describe Luis Robert’s 2022 season in one sentence:

“La Pantera: baseball’s best center fielder.” — Vinnie

“He will have the greatest offensive year in White Sox history, MVP!” — Herb

“It will be the most valuable of all seasons.” — Sean

“La Pantera gets unleashed upon the American League.” — Jared

The most important player for the 2022 season is …

” It’s Tim Anderson. It’s always Tim Anderson. He makes this team go as a leadoff hitter, a clubhouse leader and the pure embodiment of the culture and attitude that’s made these White Sox so fun to watch. It might just get him an AL MVP.” — Vinnie

“Andrew Vaughn. If he is the hitter that the White Sox believe he is then he takes this offense to the next level.” — Herb

“Andrew Vaughn. His last extra-base hit of 2021 came on August 19. The toll of playing over 100 games in a season, adapting to a new position, and a back injury led to Vaughn’s promising rookie season to end in a whimper. Yet, from June 15 to August 19, Andrew Vaughn was the MLB’s 35th most productive hitter. From the start of the 2021 season to that August 19th date, Andrew Vaughn was the 5th most productive hitter in the MLB v. left-handed pitching. He’s in for a BIG year.” — Sean

“Tim Anderson.” — Jared

Luis Robert
(Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)

The correct prediction that every Sox fan sees coming is …

“Eloy Jimenez will lead the team in home runs. We’re talking at least 40 of ‘em.” — Vinnie

“The Sox will win the AL Central.” — Herb

“Since I already gave the obvious Robert for MVP prediction, I will add a prediction that Lucas Giolito will finish Top 5 in American League CY Young voting.” — Sean

“They’ll largely dominate the AL Central.” — Jared

The correct prediction no Sox fan sees coming is …

“The bullpen budget pays off. It’s trendy to critique the amount they spent on relief arms, but that’s what October is all about. When the season’s on the line, you’ll want Hendriks, Kelly and Graveman on the bump.” — Vinnie

“Dallas Keuchel regains his 2020 form (for half of the season).” — Herb

“Andrew Vaughn will be the White Sox second-most productive hitter in 2022 behind Luis Robert.” — Sean

“The Tigers will surprise a lot of people with how good they will be.” — Jared

The best-case scenario for the 2022 Sox is …

“World Series champs. That’s the goal, nothing less. The offseason might not have generated much excitement in the fan base, but boy, this team will once they start playing the games. Best-case scenario? Reserving Grant Park for November.” — Vinnie

“A World Series victory. If all of their players play to their almost maxed out abilities then they’ll be tough to beat.” — Herb

“Everyone stays healthy. If a healthy Sox team reaches the playoffs, they have as good a shot as any team has at winning the World Series.” — Sean

“World Series champions.” — Jared

American League award predictions

Playoff team predictions

World Series predictions

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