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The CHGO Cubs staff makes its predictions for the 2022 MLB season

Ryan Herrera Avatar
April 6, 2022

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The 2022 MLB season is finally upon us, which means it’s time for predictions! Here’s how our CHGO Cubs staff thinks the season will shake out …

The Cubs final record will be …

  • Cody Delmendo: 87-75
  • Luke Stuckmeyer: 81-81
  • Ryan Herrera: 77-85
  • Corey Freedman: 77-85
  • Brendan Miller: 79-83
  • Jared Wyllys: 79-83

They’ll finish ahead of …

  • “Everyone in the NL Central.” — Cody
  • “The Pirates and Reds for sure, which shouldn’t be too hard since they aren’t trying.” — Luke
  • “The Reds and the Pirates… and if they don’t there’s something very wrong.” — Ryan
  • “Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. The Cubs and St. Louis feels like a toss up.” — Corey
  • “The Reds and Pirates.” — Brendan
  • “The Reds and Pirates.” — Jared

Seiya Suzuki will finish with __ home runs

(Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports)
  • Cody: 35
  • Luke: 20
  • Ryan: 22
  • Corey: 22
  • Brendan: 22
  • Jared: 28

Brennen Davis will finish the 2022 season …

  • “… with a .275/.335/.480 slash line.” — Cody
  • ” … with 10 home runs after being called up in July.” — Luke
  • “… with three months of experience in the majors. I’ve been steady saying we won’t see him on the Cubs before the All-Star break, and I’m sticking to it.” — Ryan
  • ” … As the everyday center fielder for the Chicago Cubs. A spot that he hopefully doesn’t relinquish for years to come.” — Corey
  • ” … in center field at Wrigley Field.” — Brendan
  • ” … as the starting center fielder for the Chicago Cubs.” — Jared

The most important player for the 2022 season is …

  • Cody: Nick Madrigal
  • Luke: Seiya Suzuki
  • Ryan: Willson Contreras
  • Corey: Kyle Hendricks
  • Brendan: Nico Hoerner
  • Jared: Kyle Hendricks

The correct prediction that every Cubs fan sees coming is …

  • “Suzuki is a star.” — Cody
  • “They won’t be adding at the trade deadline.” — Luke
  • “Patrick Wisdom will hit 25-plus home runs, but his strikeout rate will again rank toward the bottom of the league.” — Ryan
  • “Willson Contreras isn’t a Cub by season’s end. I don’t love that I feel this way but this feels too much like a ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire’ situation with all the rumors and discourse.” — Corey
  • “Jason Heyward will not be playing much by July.” — Brendan
  • “Suzuki is going to be a lot of fun.” — Jared
(David Banks-USA TODAY Sports)

The correct prediction no Cubs fan sees coming is

  • “Nico Hoerner is a stud.” — Cody
  • “Frank Schwindel, NL All-Star.” — Luke
  • “Contreras finishes 2022 on the North Side. Jed Hoyer and Co. will realize that they’re better off working out an extension than parting ways.” — Ryan
  • “I’m not sure that NO Cubs fan sees it coming, but I think between Frazier and Hermosillo, the Cubs will have found at least one key member of ‘the next great Cubs team.'” — Corey
  • “Caleb Kilian will cement himself as a viable starting pitcher by the summer.” — Brendan
  • “Neither Patrick Wisdom nor Frank Schwindel finishes the season as the starting player at their positions.” — Jared

The best-case scenario for the 2022 Cubs is …

  • “Continued growth on the farm.” — Cody
  • “Key young players take a big step forward … and that leads to competing for a playoff spot.” — Luke
  • “They get hot at some point in the season, rattle off a double-digit winning streak and sneak into the playoffs as a wild card.” — Ryan
  • “The outfield finds stability, Hendricks/Stroman/Miley create a solid rotation foundation, and guys like Wisdom and Schwindel repeat their 2021 performances as the Cubs sneak into one of the wild card spots.” — Corey
  • “Around 85 wins and winning a wild card.” — Brendan
  • “They extend Willson Contreras.” — Jared

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