San Francisco 49ers


With question marks around Patrick Mahomes’ ankle, the Chiefs have wavered from favorites to underdogs, and now back to the favorite for Sunday’s matchup between the Bengals and Chiefs. Should you back KC as a bettor at home? Is Joe Burrow infallible? Join the CHGO Bets Crew as they break down the NFL Championship Round from a betting perspective. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUvX2WnSRwo

The San Francisco 49ers travel to Mexico City to take on the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football. Will Christian McCaffrey score a touchdown? Will altitude play a factor in the matchup? Plus, Sean Anderson and Cody Delmendo take a look at tonight’s college basketball slate on the CHGO Bets Daily Podcast. YouTube Replay Show https://youtu.be/QojXkSYjK64 Follow The Hosts

After a long offseason, Week 1 is finally here! But can the Chicago Bears pull off an opening stunner against the San Francisco 49ers? The CHGO Bears crew is split on the issue. Want to make your own prediction? Sign up for the special CHGO Bears offer before Sunday’s game and get a nice haul of CHGO merch for doing…