Justin Fields is a perfectionist. In the Bears’ 21-20 preseason victory over the Browns on Saturday, Fields lit up Cleveland’s defense with three passing touchdowns. One of those was a 24-yard pass to a wide-open Cole Kmet near the front right corner of the end zone.  Before Fields threw his third touchdown on the night, he faked the handoff to…

With just under 11 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter in the Bears’ preseason matchup with the Chiefs, Teven Jenkins made a block that Bears fans hoped he would make consistently in Chicago after he was drafted out of Oklahoma State. On first-and-10, Jenkins came unblocked to the second level and completely annihilated Chiefs’ linebacker Jack Cochrane. https://twitter.com/NicholasMoreano/status/1558645452408602624?t=hA0lzeHoFOOG2kA2mmgywg&s=19 After Jenkins…