Kodai Senga


With reports of the Rays ready to make trades before Tuesday’s roster requirements could the Cubs be ready to finally make a deal? Tyler Glasnow, anyone? What’s the latest on Kodai Senga? Stucky, Cody and Ryan turn in the confidence pool picks for possible off-season additions by the Cubs. Carlos Correa, Trea Turner, Jose Abrea, Cody Bellinger. How would you…

There’s no question the Cubs will look to add pitching depth this off-season, but could it be Japanese star Kodai Senga? NBC Sports Chicago has reported that Seiya Suzuki has had “good things” to say about Chicago. Ryan Herrera, Cody Delmendo and Corey Freedman have their thoughts on the potential free-agent target right here. https://youtu.be/0cv1YQPkpbc Subscribe to the Show Follow…