Jaylon Johnson


Everyone has been at a point when their job has taken a toll on them mentally or physically. And sometimes the best solution is to just get away. That’s exactly what Jaylon Johnson did following the Bears’ 12-7 loss to the Commanders. “It probably gives you a reset,” Johnson said. “I forgot about the game myself, just going back home and not having that meeting the day after the game kinda allows you to flush the loss, the last two, and kinda just gives us a reset mentally. Of course, physically, being able to get off our feet and really rest, relax. I feel like it was a good mini-bye for us, for sure.” The Bears needed that mini-bye after…

About an hour before the Bears set foot inside the Walter Payton Center for their Friday practice, Jaylon Johnson went on Instagram to share a message with his followers. In his Instagram post, which shows him in coverage on Packers wide receiver Sammy Watkins, he wrote, “Gotta Get Back To The Trenches. They Said They Need Me.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jaylon Johnson (@nbaxjay.1) Johnson gave some context to his latest post. “I felt like it was a little self explanatory, but I mean really … for me it was more so like the absence I feel like coming back I feel like is needed,” Johnson said. “Not even just from the secondary standpoint. Just…

LAKE FOREST — When Khyiris Tonga dropped back in coverage and intercepted Justin Fields over the weekend, an escort of Bears led the way for the 6-foot-4, 338-pound defensive lineman. Tonga made his way to the perimeter along the left sideline and returned the interception 80 yards for a pick-6.  https://twitter.com/ChicagoBears/status/1561147660882542592?s=20&t=AO4BUdvQQmkvpGs2Q8Pf9w That kind of play in last Saturday’s practice wouldn’t have...

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