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The White Sox have let José Abreu search the free-agent waters for a new team. Which lucky new team will he sign with? The Angels acquired Hunter Renfroe from the Brewers. Could the White Sox have similar success with Kolten Wong? And, FanGraphs released a ZiPS projection for the 2023 MLB Season and they have the White Sox winning…76 games. How much of a disaster would that be in the White Sox self-proclaimed “five to seven-year window”? Join Herb Lawrence and Sean Anderson for the answers to those questions on the CHGO White Sox Live Show. Watch the YouTube Replay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtrjpBIZCvg Subscribe to the Show Follow the Hosts w

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Should former White Sox ace Mark Buehrle be inducted into the Hall of Fame? Which other candidates should get the call? And, rumors are swirling about where Jose Abreu may end up playing this season. Could he be a Washington National? Join Sean Anderson and Herb Lawrence for the answers to those questions on the CHGO White Sox Live Show. Watch the YouTube Replay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiipxyIp4E4 Subscribe to the Show Follow the Hosts w

The White Sox need a second baseman. But boy, there sure are a lot of really good shortstops on the free-agent market right now. Carlos Correa, Trea Turner, Xander Bogaerts and Dansby Swanson have 30 fan bases salivating, and White Sox fans are no exception, if our show chats are any indication. Judging from Rick Hahn’s comments during the GM meetings, the team landing one of those high-priced shortstops doesn’t seem likely for a number of reasons, chiefly the seeming plan not to expand payroll much and the White Sox’ stated likelihood of adding via trade rather than free agency. But there’s another pretty big reason: Tim Anderson. The face of the franchise was, like many of his teammates, limited…

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Nearly two weeks into the White Sox offseason, the rumblings of potential free-agent acquisitions remain quiet. Could Rick Hahn peer into trade opportunities? Could one of those moves include the organization’s top prospect Colson Montgomery? The 20-year-old shortstop is currently in AA. Sean Anderson and Herb Lawrence peel back that curtain and look into what a trade involving Montgomery could look like. Watch the YouTube Replay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77az-QZ8RZA Subscribe to the Show Follow the Hosts w

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Chicago White Sox ace Dylan Cease narrowly missed his first career Cy Young Award, finishing 2nd to the Astros’ Justin Verlander. The CHGO White Sox crew looks back at his 2022 season. Should the White sox add an impact bat via trade or free agency? Can they do both? And, Tim Anderson was seen outside of Driveline Baseball. Can he return to batting champion form in 2023? Join Herb Lawrence and Sean Anderson for the answers to those questions on the CHGO White Sox Live Show. Watch the YouTube Replay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkTOQExWf-Y Subscribe to the Show Follow the Hosts w

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Have the White Sox already made their decision on José Abreu? If so, it seems this one could have used a little more thought, a little more waiting, at the very least. Rick Hahn talked to reporters at the GM meetings in Las Vegas and echoed what plenty of frustrated White Sox fans had been griping about throughout the disappointing 2022 campaign. He acknowledged that players playing out of position helped the White Sox become one of baseball’s worst defensive teams. He acknowledged that Andrew Vaughn is a first baseman and that his offensive numbers could be helped by playing his natural position regularly. He acknowledged that Eloy Jiménez, long maligned for his defensive misadventures in left field, thrived as…

After a historic 5 week run Justin Fields is obviously the best player on the Bears. Roquan Smith and Kahlil Mack are gone. So, who’s the 2nd best guy on the team? Is it too soon to jump on the Cole Kmet bandwagon? We’re talking Chicago sports and things MIGHT go off the rails before it’s over. Join Luke Stuckmeyer, Big Dave, Kacy Standohar and Lawrence Benedetto for this week’s episode of The CHGO Podcast. Watch the show on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySF7Ab1SFBE

G’day, Sox fans! Fate would have it that the first of my “White Sox Grab Bag” newsletters is coming to you from Down Under. I’m actually on my honeymoon in Australia, and though I wrote a draft of this to have ready to go before I left, I was struck by some inspiration and am calling an audible. Mere hours after arriving in the country, my wife and I attended the final of the World Cup of cricket, and it was an absolute blast. As we sat there trying to piece together the rules as completely novice cricket watchers, my mind, of course, was constantly going back to baseball. It really never left baseball, be that there are plenty of…