For the first time since 1968, all MLB teams will be playing on Opening Day! A full slate of 15 games with best bets lurking within each game. Join the CHGO Bets Daily crew, Sean Anderson and Cody Delmendo as they give your tomorrow’s best bets for the White Sox and Cubs openers! YouTube Replay Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hV3LcGdCb0E Follow The Hosts

The Big Ten had a massive shakeup last night when Rutgers took down top-ranked Purdue. What does this mean for the top of the Big Ten? Is Rutgers a threat this year? What dark horses can pull away? Join Sean Anderson, Cody Delmendo and Greg Braggs as they discuss on CHGO B1G After Dark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2bagR1LXH8 Follow The Hosts

After a 133-118 loss to the Houston Rockets, the Bulls and Demar DeRozan look to bounce back v. the division-rival Milwaukee Bucks. DeRozan has averaged 37 points + assists in his regular season games as Bull v. the Bucks. Will that trend continue? Join the CHGO Bets Crew, Sean Anderson, and Cody Delmendo to discuss tonight’s NBA and NCAAF action.…