Alex Vlasic


If you know me and/or have been familiar with my take on hockey prospect rankings over the past few years, you’ll know my affinity towards a tier or “pyramid” system over ranking players 1-10/20/50/1,000 numerically. There are just too many debates over these kinds of lists that really get you into the weeds of where a player is in their…

At last week’s end-of-season press conference, Chicago Blackhawks general manager reflected on why, in his mind, it made sense to move on from franchise legends Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane. In his comments, he mentioned the desire for younger players to feel empowered to take on leadership roles, and noted it would be easier for that to happen without the…

The Chicago Blackhawks have assigned Alex Vlasic to Rockford. Vlasic had not played in any of the first 3 games of the season. Also, first round pick Frank Nazar will miss a significant portion of the season for the Michigan Wolverines and will undergo surgery to address a lower-body injury. Join Jay Zawaski, Mario Tirabassi and Greg Boysen for updates on all of this news and more on the CHGO Blackhawks Live Show.