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https://playlist.megaphone.fm/?p=BSND8556376900 On this episode, Big Dave and Will breakdown which Bulls players they feel will rise, stay the same or fall this upcoming season. Along with the usual fun time, this show will be an awesome one. Tune in on the CHGO Bulls LIVE Podcast! Watch the YouTube Replay https://www.youtube.com/embed/KFKNN4z6gas Subscribe to the Show Follow the Hosts

A lot of people still don’t know how to feel about the NBA’s new In-Season Tournament. But like it or not, it is happening, and the schedule was just released. https://twitter.com/chicagobulls/status/1691526420227379201 Here’s how it works Teams are divided into six groups of five teams. There are three groups per conference. The Bulls group consists of the Celtics, Nets, Raptors and…

LAS VEGAS — It’s the second year Bulls assistant John Bryant has taken the reigns for the Summer League team, and his mantra has remained the same: Embrace the opportunity, be the most connected and compete. If the young guys can do that, they’ll win. And that’s exactly what happened during the 83-74 win over the Toronto Raptors in their Summer…