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Mailbag: is there any hope for the Chicago Bulls future?

Will Gottlieb Avatar
November 20, 2023

We're only 14 games into the season and it already feels like the Chicago Bulls have hit rock bottom.

With trade rumor swirling around Zach LaVine, many questions are bubbling up about what the Bulls will look for in return, the direction of the team after the trade, and whether there is any sign of hope for the future.

So let's jump right into it:

@ob_sean: Genuinely asking—how can a guy be worth a max deal & yet have v little value on the trade market? Similar numbers this year, healthy, young(ish) & under team control for years. Both can’t be true…

The short answers are perception, salary, defense and health.

LaVine has been the best player on bad teams his whol...

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