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Chicago Bears grades: Soft showing in Los Angeles earns the marks you would think

Mark Carman Avatar
October 30, 2023

This was not the game we were looking for. This was not the defense we were looking for. This was not the quarterback play we were hoping for. Very little went right on Sunday night as the Bears fell to the Chargers 30-13.

On to the grades we march ...


Tyson Bagent threw a perfect bomb to Darnell Mooney to start the game. If you asked me at that point whether he was headed to Canton, Ohio or headed to quality backup, I would have chose Canton. Unfortunately for Bagent, the biggest concern that some have wondered about, his arm strength, showed up.

Bagent could have had two touchdown passes had Velus Jones Jr. caught that ball or the ref didn't blow Darnell Mooney's pl...

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