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Pecking Order: If you love something, set it free

Matt Peck Avatar
November 17, 2023

What up, Bulls Nation. As you may have heard me mention during a recent episode of CHGO Bulls, I've gotten to such a dark place as a Bulls fan [12 games into 82?...uh oh...] that I turned to something that always lifts my spirits in times of need: The Last Dance documentary. But even that reliable comfort comes with its own harsh dose of reality. Like a drug that can make you briefly numb to the pain, but the pain sharply intensifies when the high is gone and you realize you're still addicted to something that's trying to kill you.

It's the Pecking Order.

When I got home after Monday night's Postgame show — sick of the way this team continues to torture us when all we do is love it — ...

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