Jed Hoyer and the Chicago Cubs are still waiting to make their move in the loaded MLB free agent market. Meanwhile, the rival Brewers just traded a slugging outfielder for Junk? It’s just one more thing to be thankful for this week. Now, about those free agents! Luke Stuckmeyer, Cody Delmendo and Ryan Herrera get your appetites going on this Thanksgiving Eve edition of the CHGO Cubs Podcast. YouTube Replay Show Subscribe to the Show

12 days into the Free Agency signing period where there’s been more tea spilling that contract signing. The guys give their opinions on all the rumors and predictions from beat writers around the country. Would you give Carlos Correa more than 300 million? Could the Cubs really get shutout in the free agent shortstop sweepstakes? Barf. YouTube Replay Show Subscribe to the Show Follow The Hosts

The CHGO Bets crew turns their attention to Big Ten basketball in today’s episode. After 2 weeks, who has stood out? And there’s MACtion to look forward to tonight. Where should you be placing your bets? Join Sean Anderson, Cody Delmendo and Greg Braggs Jr. to discuss on the CHGO Bets Live Show. YouTube Replay Show Follow The Hosts

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Should former White Sox ace Mark Buehrle be inducted into the Hall of Fame? Which other candidates should get the call? And, rumors are swirling about where Jose Abreu may end up playing this season. Could he be a Washington National? Join Sean Anderson and Herb Lawrence for the answers to those questions on the CHGO White Sox Live Show. Watch the YouTube Replay Subscribe to the Show Follow the Hosts w

Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Seth Jones will return to the lineup sooner than expected. Plus, former Blackhawk and should-be NHL Hall of Famer Bernie Nicholls joins the guys to discuss his new book. Jay Zawaski, Greg Boysen, and Mario Tirabassi will also answer some more viewer mail on today’s CHGO Blackhawks Podcast. Watch the YouTube Replay Subscribe to the Show Follow the Hosts

Justin Fields may have a dislocated and/or separated shoulder or he doesn’t, depending on which NFL news breaker you believe. The Chicago Bears quarterback will either miss the rest of the season or he’s simply “day to day” and will play Sunday. Details tomorrow from the Bears. Now what? How do the Bears move forward against the Jets and through the rest of the season? Adam Hoge and Mark Carman discuss on today’s CHGO Bears Podcast. Watch the YouTube Replay Subscribe to the Show

Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields’ injury is “day-to-day” with Ian Rapoport reporting he suffered a left-shoulder dislocation. So, what would the Bears’ offense look like with Trevor Siemian at the helm? Would there be any hope of the team continuing to put up points? That’s what Will DeWitt Greg Braggs Jr., Adam Hoge and Cody Delmendo discuss on tonight’s CHGO Bears After Dark. Watch the YouTube Replay Subscribe to the Show