CHGO Marathon


What goes in to pulling off the world’s fourth-largest marathon? What are the toughest challenges? The most rewarding rewards? Chicago Marathon race director Carey Pinkowski stops by the CHGO Studios to talk with Kevin Kaduk about the race he has run since 1990. Watch the show on YouTube Subscribe to the show! APPLE PODCASTS Spotify STITCHER

The 2023 Chicago Marathon is just under four months away and thousands of runners across the world have started training for the race. Each has a goal to finish all 26.2 miles, but what other objectives are being pursued? First-time runners Kevin Kaduk and Jared Wyllys are joined by four-time Chicago Marathon veteran Andy Behrens to talk about their goals…

One race. One city. One podcast. Welcome to the CHGO Chicago Marathon Podcast, a podcast dedicated to our city’s biggest race and the unique culture that surrounds it on the second Sunday in October. The Chicago Marathon winds through 29 of our 77 neighborhoods and has become an inextricable part of the city experience. Over 45,000 runners are expected at…