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Bears Rewatch Revelations: Desperately searching for silver linings in loss to the Packers

Will DeWitt Avatar
September 20, 2022

I’ll be honest, it took a couple cups of coffee to muster up the strength to put the Bears’ 27-10 loss back up on the screen for this week’s rewatch.

I groaned, sighed and hit play.

Deciding to attempt the near-impossible, I went (desperately) searching for the consolation prizes, silver linings if you will. I found some, but wish there were more to share.

And yes, I also point out some not so good things I didn’t notice last night.

Here are some observations, thoughts, and analyses that came to mind while rewatching the Bears’ loss to the Green Bay Packers.


  • It’s good to see the offensive line rally to David Montgomery after the play to help him up. Just look at all those bodies. This was evident throughout the game.
  • The biggest play through the air was Justin Fields‘ 30-yard completion to Equanimeous St. Brown on the flea-flicker. It almost didn’t happen as Cole Kmet couldn’t hold his block and allowed Fields to take a shot right as he released the ball. Sure, he had a difficult matchup. But still, he needs to provide some resistance here.
  • The first big negative play on the ground came on the very first series Lucas Patrick stepped in for Teven Jenkins at right guard. This was the loss of five on the first play after the Packers went up 17-7 when Larry Borom couldn’t make his block.
  • Speaking of Teven Jenkins, he had a fantastic block where he drove his man to the Bears’ sideline. This helped jumpstart the Bears’ lone scoring drive in the second half. Overall, Jenkins had another strong performance. When can this man play all of the snaps?
  • I really like Justin Fields’ play-fake. Kudos to Preston Smith for not biting. I thought it was a run watching it live at first. I don’t know why you don’t block the guy on the edge you are rolling to. Others may overpursue, but Smith is a keen player who understands contain.
  • Darnell Mooney had a nice downfield block on Adrian Amos during Khalil Herbert’s 20-yard run when the Bears marched down the field midway through the fourth quarter. Now if only he can get involved in the passing game.
  • Last, but not least, Justin Fields was in the end zone despite the challenge not overturning the call.


  • Man, Aaron Rodgers was getting the ball out in a hurry on the opening drive. According to my unofficial count (using Mississippi’s) he got the ball out two seconds or fewer after the snap on every throw beside one.
  • The amount of run plays that the Packers’ backs weren’t touched by anyone along the defensive line is, let’s just say, large. Even on the second viewing of the game, I have a hard time believing just how much push Green Bay was able to get with backups playing upfront. The guys up front must close their gaps and get to the ball carrier. It’s unacceptable for running backs to go untouched for seven or more yards for the majority of the game — if ever.
  • There’s been a lot of heat for Kyler Gordon after the game, and I understand that he made mistakes. But there was some good. Everyone saw the PBU in the end zone, but he had another good play in coverage on the following drive where he blanketed Sammy Watkins on first down. Interesting note: both of his best plays in coverage came when he was playing outside corner and not in the slot. While at nickel, he did make some good plays against the run. Ups and downs are expected out of him. We saw both ends of the spectrum in this one.
  • For the second-straight week, I just feel like Al-Quadin Muhammad looks a step or two too slow. He’s a liability against the run and his pass rush production has been minimal. Perhaps some of the young guys (like the player below) can start chewing into his snap count more.
  • Kingsley Jonathan, the UDFA out of Syracuse the Bears claimed off waivers after final cuts, made a couple tackles soon after being injected into the game. Despite being down 10, the Bears didn’t shy away from playing the rookie who’s only been with the team for a few weeks.
  • There’s been a few times now this season where Jaquan Brisker flies down to make a play, but ends up missing the tackle. This should come in time. Regardless, he’s making the right read and getting to the correct spot to make these plays in the backfield along the perimeter. Brisker just needs to finish.
  • On the touchdown to Allen Lazard before the half, Kyler Gordon bit a little bit to the outside when the receiver came off the snap and allowed Lazard to gain inside leverage. From there, it was a pretty easy pitch-and-catch. Rodgers threw the ball before Lazard broke inside. That’s difficult to defend, not just for a rookie, but for anyone.

Special Teams

  • Trestan Ebner really knows how to gain a lot of yards while running in slow motion. It’s both interesting and impressive. Good patience and vision from the rookie.

Wrapping Up

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s Rewatch Revelations! Who knows what may be uncovered after rewatching the next week’s game when Lovie Smith returns to town?

Get Chicago's Best Sports Content In Your Inbox!

Become a smarter Chicago sports fan with the latest game recaps, analysis and exclusive content from CHGO’s writers and podcasters!

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