LAKE FOREST — Justin Fields dropped back to pass during 11 on 11 in Friday’s practice. Just a few seconds later, Fields had immediate pressure to his right.

Defensive lineman Terell Lewis beat Darnell Wright with a power move and got inside of the No. 10 overall pick. In OTAs and minicamp, Lewis also had some success against Wright.

On this latest play in training camp, Lewis would’ve sacked Fields if it were a game.

But the play continued on anyway. Fields stepped up and fired a ball over the middle of the field, but the pass was intercepted by T.J. Edwards. The veteran linebacker then ran into the end zone and Eddie Jackson was the first teammate to celebrate with Edwards.

There were some highlight plays made outside of Edwards’ interception, but overall Friday’s practice was a lot more laid back than the previous two. During a large portion of the team drills, the Bears focused on installing plays and were going through the motions of each concept.

Here are the plays, though, that stood out from the third training camp practice.

Practice Notes

  • The defense started practice by working on a pursuit drill. When the coach signaled, all 11 players had to run to the back right corner of the end zone. Andrew Billings showed really good effort and speed on the rep.
  • Then the defense worked on specific position drills. The DBs focused on form tackling and bringing down their teammate on a padded mat. The linebackers worked on recovering a loose ball while being hit by a coaching assistant who had a pad. Coach Matt Eberflus was locked in watching both of the drills.
  • During the 1-on-1 portion of practice, Chase Claypool won both of his reps against Tyrique Stevenson. On both plays, he showed the ability to catch the ball cleanly. Especially on the second since Claypool fell while making his break. (Could’ve been due to it raining in the morning.) Still, Claypool was able to make the catch.
  • Justin Fields started the 1 on 1s by throwing a strike to DJ Moore. Jaylon Johnson was in coverage on the play.
  • One the next 1-on-1 rep, Fields connected with Cole Kmet on a corner route. Jaquan Brisker was in tight coverage on the play. Better throw, route and catch from the offense.
  • Robert Tonyan made a nice reception over Elijah hicks in 1 on 1s and fought to make the catch despite being held by Hicks. Fields put the ball right where it needed to be and Tonyan made the catch.
  • Velus Jones Jr. won his 1-on-1 rep against Jaylon Jones.
  • Tyler Scott created a good amount of separation against Kindle Vildor in his 1-on-1 rep. Vildor had to respect Scott’s speed by playing off coverage, so when Scott broke his route off on a 5-yard hitch, there was too much separation to recover.
  • Kyler Gordon dove to bat down a ball that was intended for Nsimba Webster. Fields put the ball in a good spot, but Gordon made an athletic play to get the PBU.
  • Johnson faced Moore for a second time and had good coverage against him on an out-breaking route. The pass from Fields was slightly out of Moore’s range, but Johnson still had the play covered.
  • Throughout the practice, Terell Smith and Stevenson repped with the first-team defense. Smith played more with the first-team in Friday’s practice. Defensive coordinator Alan Williams was asked about Smith going in for Stevenson after the practice. “Don’t read anything into who goes in first, second or third,” Williams said.
  • DeMarquis Gates caused a fumble on Chase Allen and Gates was able to recover the ball in team drills.
  • P.J. Walker threw a catchable ball to Tyler Scott during 11 on 11s, but Scott wasn’t able to bring in the ball.
  • Fields connected with Moore in the middle of the field during team drills. Terell Smith was in coverage on the play. The duo has consistently attacked that portion of the field throughout the first three days of training camp.
  • Johnson broke up a pass intended for Velus Jones Jr. in team drills. Fields tried to fit the ball inbetween the cornerback and safety, but it appeared Fields was a second late with the throw and Johnson got himself the PBU.
  • Towards the end of practice, the Bears worked on recovering a fumble. Whoever the quarterback was on the play would simply drop the ball and the defense had to react and scoop and score.


Nicholas Moreano is the Bears beat reporter for CHGO Bears. He has a master's degree in Communication from DePaul University and obtained his bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Iowa.