Note:Greg Braggs is in Indianapolis this week with the CHGO Bears team and will be filing dispatches each day about his experiences at his first-ever NFL Combine.

INDIANAPOLIS — Well, to recap today, we have to start at last night. I was told after going to bed responsibly on Tuesday at midnight that that wasn’t gonna cut it. The real action happens after midnight down here. Going to different bars around Indianapolis, running into certain NFL elites in the media, agents, former players, current NFL people and beyond, it’s pretty surreal to see. At the end of the day, they are no different than the brickies and other guys around the construction site to me, just a different trade. So, last night, I was out until 3am! Had some fun conversations and networked with others while burning the midnight oil.

It’s kind of my wheelhouse. Because anyone that knows me, knows I’m not afraid to strike up a conversation with anyone and get along with typically everyone. It’s kind of like dating was back before social media and dating sites, when us kids actually had to work to meet someone. You have to say hi to people, look them in the eye and even buy them a drink. By the end you’re handshaking and even hugging. Maybe you even go on a date down the road! Take notes, new generation kids.

So the rise and shine was a little rough this morning, although not as bad as I was anticipating. Maybe it’s the adrenaline kicking in.

So, like I was saying… networking. Today, I tried to focus on that, with the DBs having their day at the podium. No disrespect to the secondary. I happen to think the Bears secondary is pretty good and showed improvement in a season where the Bears defensive line pass rush was nonexistent. But, as always, follow along to our whole CHGO Bears team for in depth coverage of every position group. They are doing a great job and I’m just filling in with my role.

I was able to get Stacey Dales of NFL Network to jump on yesterday, which was a nice win. She is one of the nicest people in the National Media spectrum and she gave me some compliments for my questions to players, which she didn’t have to do.

Today, I tried to double down on my networking success. I walked by former New York Jets GM, Mike Tannenbaum, and knew he’d be a great lightning rod for conversation concerning Justin Fields. So, I walked up and asked if he’d hop on our show. Even though his schedule was jam packed, he offered us some time. Mark that down as another win.

I’ve had more than a few wins with the networking game this week. Some I can share and some I’ll keep private. But, I enjoy playing the game. Honestly, I’m just being myself. I’ve always been a social butterfly. Thriving in moments. Even before I ever had any goals to be in media. Some of those connections I’ve made helped me get to this point. I guess my subconscious knew the plan all along. Glad I realized it before it was too late.

The question now is, what do I do tonight? Do I stay up until 3am again? I’ve made it this far! But tomorrow is the big day. Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers are set to speak to the media. Alabama QB Bryce Young is due up bright and early at 8am. Definitely gotta be on my game.

We’ll see what tonight brings! One more day to go. Brick by brick.

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