The Chicago Blackhawks hung in there but ultimately fell late after conceding 2 goals in rapid succession in the 3rd period. Patrick Kane scored in the loss, his first goal since January 14th. Sam Lafferty also got on the board in the 2nd period, his 7th goal of the season. Petr Mrazek had to settle for the loss despite playing a mostly-strong game throughout the night in net. Join Jay Zawaski, Greg Boysen, and Mario Tirabassi as they take you through the game on the CHGO Blackhawks Live Postgame Podcast.

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Greg Boysen has been covering the Chicago Blackhawks on various platforms since 2011. A life-long Chicagoan, Greg is passionate about his hockey, music, trivia, and two pugs waiting for him at home. Follow Greg on Twitter - @GregBoysen