One more time for the 2022 Chicago Bears as they face the Minnesota Vikings with nothing but draft (Bears) and playoff (Vikings) positions on the line.

Here’s how we see this one playing out at Soldier Field …

Will DeWitt (9-7) — Vikings 34, Bears 10

Let’s not overcomplicate this. Nathan Peterman will be under center. Not sure how they’ll be able to move the ball and limit turnovers with him at the helm. The Bears are also dealing with more injuries in the secondary as they placed Josh Blackwell on Ir,  Kyler Gordon is questionable and Jaylon Jones is in concussion protocol. So, how are they going to stop Justin Jefferson? There really isn’t much hope for them to win this one, which is great for their chances of securing the No. 1 overall pick. Let’s go, Texans!

Mark Carman (8-8) — Vikings 42, Bears 3

Help us Nathan Peterman you are our only hope. Let us pray that Peterman Petermans even against the struggling Vikings defense and the Bears D does not find their mojo. Let’s not have a repeat of Minnesota part 1 where … Ihmir Smith-Marsette made his greatest contribution to the tank. The real season starts Monday. 

Greg Braggs, Jr. (12-4) — Vikings 31, Bears 13

Finally, smarter minds prevailed after last week’s debacle and Justin Fields will not play in the season finale. Yes, they cited a hip injury. But I think had this game had actual meaning, Justin would be playing. Well, it has meaning but for different reasons. Reasons why they should lose. Yes, I said it. The Bears need to lose. And if you’re a Bears fan that roots for them to win no matter what, you want them to lose this Sunday no matter what and I don’t care what you say. You know it to be true. Because they can help their cause for winning many Sundays in the future. No, one pick doesn’t make the Bears Super Bowl contenders. But a #1 or #2 pick could give them an opportunity to get closer to that goal, no matter how far away. The difference between picking fourth or picking first is monumental. There are three QBs that teams will be lusting for come April. You want to be the team that holds the keys to one of those guys or all of them. With the idea to bring back a haul of draft picks in a trade which will multiply the amount of the talent the Bears can bring in. And they need ALOT of talent. So yes, we are rooting for the Bears to lose and you’re not a fake fan for doing so. You’re a smart fan.

Adam Hoge (8-8) — Vikings 24, Bears 6

It’s hard to imagine the Bears scoring many points in this game without Justin Fields. And on the flip side, there isn’t much evidence to suggest an injury-plagued defense can stop an opponent right now. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Vikings pull off the gas in the second half once they have a comfortable lead. 

Nicholas Moreano (7-9) — Vikings 28, Bears 7

The Bears are the No. 1 team in the NFL when it comes to scoring on opening drives. Yeah, you read that right. Chicago has scored 12 times (8 field goals and 4 touchdowns) this season. That streak continues on Sunday with Nathan Peterman at quarterback, but that will be the only scoring the Bears do against the Vikings.  Go Minnesota. Go Houston.

Corey Wootton (10-6) – Vikings 38, Bears 10

Justin Fields is out and this defense has really struggled. Minnesota will most likely play its starters after a bad performance last week while the Vikings try to improve their playoff position. 

Carmen Vitali (10-6) — Vikings 17, Bears 7

I don’t expect this to be a barn burner and it’s likely going to be hard for Nathan Peterman and the Bears to muster anything resembling offense. But the Bears get a garbage time score as Minnesota benches all its starters by the second half.

Kevin Kaduk (10-6) — Vikings 31, Bears 7

There was never any good reason for the NFL to add a 17th game to the schedule. This one will prove it once again. I am glad, however, that Nathan Peterman will be able to add his name to the long and illustrious list of Bears starting quarterbacks since the last Super Bowl win. It just seems right. Go Minnesota. Go Houston.

Jake Flannigan (10-6)  — Vikings 27, Bears 13

The franchise record 14th loss of the season will be the sweetest, knowing Justin Fields is safe and sound. The defeat ensures a Top 2 pick in the draft as the focus of the fanbase officially shifts to the most important offseason in Bears history. 


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