Justin Fields should be back under center for the Chicago Bears. Aaron Rodgers will be leading the Green Bay Packers. Yes, Sunday’s matchup at Soldier Field has a lot more star power at quarterback than we might have suspected last Monday morning.

But what about the rest of the squads? The Bears defense can’t stop anyone and the Packers defense also has Green Bay on track to miss the playoffs. It should make for an interesting game with first place on the NFL’s all-time franchise wins list on the line.

Here are our picks!

Will DeWitt (6-6) — Bears 34, Packers 33

Wow! It really looks like Justin Fields will return this Sunday to take on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers! You can’t take the dog out of this kid! He’s tough as nails! As much as I personally wanted H1M to wait until after the bye, it’s difficult not to get excited about this. After a week of feeling as if the Bears had no chance, Fields’ return injects a sense of new life into this one. I don’t know how the defense is going to stop Rodgers, but screw it, I’m going BEARS! Fields goes toe-to-toe with the man that’s owned this team for over a decade and ends up on top, which signifies a new chapter in this rivalry.

Mark Carman (6-6) — Bears 24, Packers 23

Justin Fields is playing. Justin Jones is fired up about the rivalry with the Packers. Aaron Rodgers is weird and getting weirder and old. Packers can’t stop the run. What am I doing?

Greg Braggs, Jr. (8-4) — Packers 38, Bears 24

Justin Fields continues to show he is tough as nails returning before the bye from injury. But the defense has taken a big hit on that front and was already depleted to begin with. My worry is how much Justin refuses to lose when the deck is completely stacked against him. Love his toughness but the Bears need to be smart with their franchise QB the remainder of the season.

Adam Hoge (4-8) — Packers 27, Bears 24

It’s great that Justin Fields is going to play. It makes the game a lot more exciting. The Bears should be able to run the ball and I suspect this will be an opportunity for Fields to grow in the passing game with the team being careful about his injured shoulder. That all adds up to the Bears scoring points. But here’s the thing: Can the Bears’ defense slow down Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers might not be having a great season, but the Bears secondary is THIN right now with Jaquan Brisker, Kyler Gordon and Eddie Jackson out. Rookie wide receiver Christian Watson is becoming a problem and his speed will be a huge test. Perhaps the Bears are able to steal an exciting win over their rival, but come on, we know how this goes.

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Nicholas Moreano (4-8) — Packers 27, Bears 24

On the CHGO Bears Podcast Preview Show on Thursday, I made my initial prediction thinking Justin Fields would not play against the Packers. So, I took the Packers 27-13. Well, Fields is not only playing but in a position to start on Sunday. Even a not fully healthy Fields is a dangerous player that has an opportunity to make explosive plays happen at any moment. It’s still tough to gauge how much Fields will be asked to run given his separated shoulder, but there should be opportunities to gain yards on the ground against this Packers defense. I want to take the Bears. I do. In the end, though, Aaron Rodgers still finds a way.

Corey Wootton (7-5) – Bears 28, Packers 21

Justin Fields leads the bears to an iconic win against the Packers in Rodgers’ last game as a Packer in this rivalry!

Carmen Vitali (6-6) — Packers 23, Bears 17

When pride and records are on the line, Rodgers shows up. Period. He’s going to play because that’s just the way the universe works, and despite Green Bay’s struggles this season, Rodgers is going to beat the Bears. That’s just what he does. He beats the Cowboys, too, and look at how that went a few weeks ago. The Packers looked like a legitimate contender because for whatever reason, Rodgers can will himself and his team to a win when history suggests he will.

Kevin Kaduk (6-6) — Packers 27, Bears 17

I’m excited that we’re getting Justin Fields vs. Aaron Rodgers as opposed to any of the other irrelevant permutations we could have been forced to watch. I just wish the Bears defense was performing at even a mediocre level so Fields and Co. could have a chance. Instead they have a front seven that hasn’t made a play since before Halloween and a secondary that won’t have Jaquan Brisker and Kyler Gordon for the second straight games. Rodgers leans on Aaron Jones to win the time of possession battle and yet another game in the rivalry. (Fingers crossed that I’m wrong.)

Jake Flannigan (6-6)  —  Packers 31, Bears 13

This is the final time the Bears will be hurt by Green Bay and Rodgers at Soldier Field for the rest of the decade. (Yes, the last part of the decade may see the team located in Arlington Heights.)


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