Happy Monday, friends.

What a week (and, really, what a month) it was. There’s a whole lot to get into this Monday, and of course, I’ll be starting things off with the Field of Dreams game. That was an awesome event that made three-hour trip straight to the field in the morning and the three-hour trip straight home at night worth it.

Beyond that, the Cubs made some notable roster moves in the week, and I wanted to take a bit of a closer look at them. And in addition, a Rays pitcher nearly accomplished a feat that no pitcher in the long history of the Cubs ever has, and it was pretty fascinating to take a closer look at the time a Cubs pitcher came oh-so-close to doing it.

I’ll get into more of that below, so let’s go. Here are your Monday morning Cubs thoughts.

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Chicago Cubs beat reporter and podcaster for CHGO. I've previously covered MLB for MLB.com and a bunch of other sports for a bunch of other outlets. Follow me on Twitter @ryan_a_herrera