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10 quick thoughts: Most depressing Bears loss ever? Are you new here?

Kevin Kaduk Avatar
September 25, 2023

Good morning, Chicago.

She might be able to do it with bad guys, but turns out Taylor Swift cannot make bad teams good for a weekend.

It’s the only thing she has in common with Matt Eberflus.

Let’s get into it …

  1. Most depressing loss ever? Greg Braggs Jr. suggested as much to me during our live watch along yesterday, but I don’t see it. No one went into that game expecting the Bears to hold Victory Monday festivities today. Also, getting your teeth kicked in by Patrick Mahomes and the defending Super Bowl champions is infinitely better than getting owned by Aaron Rodgers twice a year and having to listen to the Packer people in your life the next morning.

  2. That said, it’s concerning to know that a team from nearby Blue Springs South High School might’ve put up a better fight than the Bears did.

  3. How are you celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Bears’ last home win? That was last Sept. 25 against the Texans and if you remember correctly, it was one of the most depressing wins in Bears history.

  4. Making sure you’re playing the Bears when you invite Taylor Swift to the game is the equivalent of scheduling Rutgers for homecoming.

  5. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have won a lot of games the past six seasons, but I find it hard to believe they ever had an easier victory than Sunday’s.

  6. In addition to the Rooneys in Pittsburgh, Clark Hunt is proof positive that NFL franchises can survive and thrive after a generational transfer. Hunt became CEO of the Chiefs a year earlier than George McCaskey became president of the Bears and has nine playoff appearances, eight division titles, three Super Bowl appearances and two Lombardi Trophies to show for it. McCaskey has hired four head coaches, three GMs and traded up twice in the draft to select a quarterback. All while not seeing his team win a single playoff game.

  7. The lone bright spot of Ryan Poles’ stewardship so far is that he hasn’t hamstrung the franchise financially or by trading away draft capital. McCaskey and Kevin Warren can’t let him get to a position to do so if they’re not convinced he’s the guy for the long haul.

  8. The texts between Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy these days must be great.

  9. There’s a part of me that hopes the Bears are just good enough to not be in position to draft Caleb Williams. One reason is that I find it hard to believe any quarterback could be dropped onto this team next year and succeed. The other is that I’m not sure anyone in Bears Nation is mentally ready to go through all of this again.

  10. I need to see the traffic numbers on the Kelce Brothers podcast this week.

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