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10 Quick Bears Thoughts: Is Matt Eberflus really the worst coach in Chicago sports history?

Kevin Kaduk Avatar
October 2, 2023

Good morning Chicago.

Anyone think Chase Claypool watched the game while sitting at home?

Me neither.

Let’s get into the latest effort from our Chicago Bears.

  1. Say this for the Bears. The first four weeks of the season has been some really crazy performance art. Each week has been a disasterpiece in itself.
  2. I took to Twitter after the game to declare that Matt Eberflus was the worst coach in Chicago sports history and received a few objections from those still grinding an axe against leaders like Jim Boylen, Terry Bevington, Tom Trebelhorn and Alpo Suhonen. They still had winning percentages worlds better than the .166 (3-18) that Eberflus is rocking after just 21 games. He’s already lost the fanbase, looks like he’s lost the building and just authored the worst collapse in Bears history. There’s no coming back from this.
  3. Our worst fears have been confirmed … the Bears really did hire a defensive coach who can’t coach defense! That’s 14 straight games of the team giving up 25 points or more, a fact that absolutely boils the blood of any true Chicagoan.
  4. God bless my fellow meatballs Greg Braggs Jr. and Jay Zawaski, but there’s zero chance that Lovie Smith is waiting in the wings to take over. Would you be willing to bail out a franchise that sent you to the curb after a 10-6 season and has been wandering around in the darkess for more than a decade since?
  5. My friend Josh also might have been the first to suggest that we’re heading toward “Chicago Bears head coach Bill Belichick” with the way the Patriots are also playing. But there’s also no shot of that happening because the McCaskeys aren’t paying $20 million a year to a head coach with his own actual opinions on running a football team.
  6. Say what you will about Ryan Pace spending second-round picks on Adam Shaheen and Anthony Miller, at least he didn’t have to ask either of those players to not come to Soldier Field or Halas Hall in less than a year’s time.
  7. Even if he shouldn’t have been in that position, my life for a last-minute Fields drive.
  8. My 35-31 Bears prediction was possibly one shotgun formation away from being right.
  9. Gervon Dexter Sr. and Zacch Pickens played 10 and 9 snaps more than I did on Sunday.
  10. The NFL is arguably the most entertaining product in the universe. The Bears are arguably the least. Yet the Bears are in the NFL. The math is not mathing, as the kids say.

Despite this 0-4 start, we still had almost 5,000 fans watching our live show with tens of thousands more watching or listening later. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: No one cares more than Chicago Bears fans. And no one gets their loyalty abused more by their team than Bears fans. See you back here on Thursday night.

PS – I’m running the Chicago Marathon next Sunday and it’s nice to know that however much pain and tears I endure, it will still be less than what the first four weeks of the Bears season has done to me. A BIG thank you to the CHGO Bears live watch along audience for donating over $500 to Cal’s Angels, the pediatric cancer charity I’m running for. You can contribute here as we try to reach our goal of $5,000!

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